Young Collectors’ Club, 5/2/16

UntitledYellow Splat_Series_#18 Los Angeles Skyline ChickenToss,30x20,$625


Check out these incredible pieces! Today we highlight the following works of art:

Untitled Yellow, Lisa Adams, monoprint, 25 x 18 (paper size), $900.00 framed

Untitled Splat #18, Charlie Edmiston, water & oil based enamel on plastic, 24 x 18 (unframed), $750.00 framed

L.A. Skyline, Amy Smith, digital print, 18 x 24 (unframed), $875.00 framed

Santa Monica Chicken Toss Invitational, Brady Smith, acrylic on canvas, 30 x 20, $725.00