Young Collector’s Club, 11/13/17

Today we present 5 beautiful works of art all under $3,000. These artworks would make fabulous additions to any home, office or set.

They are, from left to right:

  1. Sangre by Kathe Madrigal, 30×30, oil on panel, $2400 or 120/month
  2. Driving PCH by Lesley Grainger, 22×28, acrylic & mixed media on canvas, $1,000 or 50/month
  3. Port Hueneme #0019 by Morgan Hagar, 16×20, archival pigment print, $850 framed or 42.50/month
  4. Cinders by Lori Dorn, 30×30, acrylic on canvas, $1,300 or 65/month
  5. Lovesick by Trine Churchill, 24×30, oil on canvas, $2,700 or 135/month