The Perks of Art Leasing, 5/31/16

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If you are a fan of contemporary art but cannot afford the hefty prices, leasing through Art Dimensions Inc. may be your answer. Art Dimensions Inc. (ADI) is a Sherman Oaks based art leasing and sales business specializing in the rental of contemporary art with option to buy. We deal with various media including painting, print, sculpture and photography and work with more than eighty-five exceptional artists. Most ADI artists live in and around the Los Angeles area.

Why lease? Leasing art is a fabulous way to collect fine art by well-known and emerging artists at affordable prices. Leasing allows you to develop and tailor your own personal art style, by “test driving” different pieces before committing to a purchase. Whether you are leasing art for a personal or corporate space, it gives you the opportunity to “live with the art” before purchasing.

With the help of Art Dimensions Inc., you can rotate your artwork every few months to enhance your work environment, and businesses can write off their lease as a business expense. Want to provide an appealing environment for your clients and associates while deriving tax advantages? ADI can help you do just that!

We visit you and give you ideas of artwork that works well in your home or office. Let an ADI consultant help you in choosing artwork for your space. We also consult with interior designers who are decorating residential and commercial spaces. Art Dimensions Inc. offers leasing programs for one-day photo shoots, parties and special events.

How does Art Dimensions Inc. work?

  • Works in various media including painting, print, sculpture and photography available for lease/option or sale
  • Lease fee is 5% of retail price of artwork per month
  • 60% of lease fees applies towards the purchase of the art

Please call us with any questions and for more information on this fantastic opportunity to collect fine art at affordable prices.