Salon Viewing/Melissa Wenke, 9/13/16


Art Dimensions Inc. and Melissa Wenke are excited to present the ‘Fall Salon’ viewing series. The Los Angeles-based artist, Melissa Wenke invites you into her creative space to preview her new body of work, ‘Meditations in an Emergency.’ Guided by the “felt experience,” the artist taps into a matured part of her energy while maintaining her intuitive nature. “What drives me to paint has always been the process and the love of the medium, the way I’ve understood my relationship with these things has evolved over time and is expressed in these works. Like a consistent panic, there is a calm I’ve achieved in this work, without losing the beat. I’ve always looked to inspire energy. I’m excited to do this in a new, evolved way.”

Please join us for a preview, by appointment only. Contact