Daily Candy Talks About Why Art Dimensions is Hip

In 2005, Art Dimensions Inc. was highlighted by “Daily Candy,” an internet, subscription-based daily report.  Read why they think ADI is a hip and practical service for Los Angelenos and others.

But Is It Art?

They say “Max Parrish,” you say “poster of Paris.”
They say “Rothko,” you say “I’m broke though.”

Parrish! Paris! Rothko! You’re broke though! Let’s call the whole overly-critical-guests-coming-to-town-to-mock-your-decor thing off.

Or you can just talk to Art Dimensions. The art leasing and consulting company that represents more than 50 artists can set you up with a temporary piece (there’s a six month minimum — just long enough to impress whomever it is you’re hiding the Anne Geddes calendar from).

Monthly rental rates start at around 2.5 percent of the purchase price (paintings average $85 and prints $35), so take that into account when choosing from painters like Laddie John Dill, Peter Lodato, Jayme Odgers, and Ann Thornycroft. Prints and photos are available as well. Rather keep the walls bare? Then let Jon Krawczyk’s sculptures get all the attention.

Should you discover a new artophilia, they’ve got rent-to-own programs, too.

In case you decide to call the calling off off.