Meet Painter, Carla Koulajian, 9/4/18


Q: How long have you been painting?

A: I have been painting since 1990, for 28 years.

Q: Who are some of your greatest influences?

A: I admire all forms of art but I am mostly inspired by De Kooning, Matisse, Cezanne, Basquiat…

Q: What inspired you to get into the arts?

A: I express my thoughts and feelings through my paintings. I started painting at a young age and discovered the world of arts and painting at Art Students League in New York where my art morphed to its present day form.

Q: Why painting rather than another medium?

A: I love the colors and the textures of the oil paints, and I love mixing them and being surprised with the results.

Q: What are your favorite materials to work with?

A: My favorite material is oil paint.

Q: What kind of art do you own or show in your house or do you only have your own work displayed?

A: I have two pieces of art that were passed down from my family. They bring back great memories. I also have plenty of my artwork displayed.

Q: Do you have a message in your work?

A: I would like to spread positive energy and a very happy mood through my artwork.

Q: What is the philosophy behind your work?

A: I believe that the colors surrounding us have a very strong influence on us. I work with vivid colors to create a positive energy and a burst of a healing sensation through art.