Introducing Artist, Shelley Lake, 8/21/17

“Son of Man,” digital metal print, 54 x 36, #5/8

In the artist’s own words: “Thinking of the computer as an intellectual and creative partner, instead of an inanimate tool, can lead to completely new esthetic experiences, making the computer analogous to art, as numeration is to the mathematician.  The computer, the most sophisticated machinery to date, and the camera, the most sophisticated art form of our time, when combined, can yield images of insurmountable quality and when divided, may never have been conceived at all.

To consider every variant of the problem and every effect of the possibilities, I focus on the attributes of the computer, i.e. its ability to store, process and organize information, not on its efficiency or precision.  An understanding of the computer’s core differentiates the machine from being a slave to being an alternate nervous system.”