Getting To Know ADO’s Featured Artist, Melissa McGill, 6/26/18

Q: How long have you been painting?

A: I’ve been painting for the past 3 years. Before that I worked as a commercial collage illustrator.

Q: Who are some of your greatest influences?

A: Helen Frankenthaler, Cy Twombly and Robert Rauschenberg

Q: What inspired you to get into the arts?

A: I cannot point to a specific moment. I’ve always made art, and it’s always brought me joy.

Q: Why painting rather than another medium?

A: I love color, painting gives me an expedient expression of any idea or mood I try to communicate.

Q: What are your favorite materials to work with?

A: Acrylic paint, pastel, graphite, oil sticks and raw canvas and paper

Q: Why kind of art do you own or show in your house or do you only have your own work displayed?

A: I have art from artist friends and a lot of my son’s art. Random assemblages of bits found on travels and photograph memories.

Q: Do you have a message in your work?

A: Overall I hope my work inspires others and makes a connection.