Ceramic Rabbits by Trine Churchill, 7/5/16

Moon pinkrabbit rabbit

I created the series of the ceramic rabbits thinking about individuality.

In a larger perspective we are all alike, made up of equal components: heart, stomach, brain, legs, arms, fingers and toes, skin, hair and teeth. We share this mold. What we do with it, and how we react to it, is all unique.

Likewise, the body of the rabbits are all made from the same mold. Then various glazes are added, and their ears are made individually to fit their unique personality.

I have over the years very much enjoyed watching people selecting “their” rabbit. Which rabbit fits your person? Or that of your friend’s? We connect with each other, and ourselves, on what at first seems to be by aesthetics, but our true connections go much further and deeper than that.

  • Trine Churchill

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