Artist Spotlight: Chandler McLellan

In the artist’s own words: “I aim to fuel a new creativity that is controlled by true inventiveness, craftsmanship and imagination. I want to inspire creation not consumption, quality not quantity, investment not impulse. Technically I feel that my work takes an architectural, archaeological, and sometimes industrial shape. I am interested in the way that things work, the moving parts, how things are made, and how our possessions shape our society. My art is inspired by the existence of ideas and things that are completely void of creativity and imagination. It is a desire to manipulate environments that drives me to create. I am fully unsatisfied by the man made world around me. I have become obsessed with creating things that make the viewer feel as though they are somewhere else entirely. Every piece has only been limited by the material and in a perfect world would be enormous. I envision my pieces dominating open landscapes and city centres.”