Artist Spotlight: Justine Stamen Arrillaga

I love to paint. It’s my single favorite thing to do. I remember my college roommate saying the only time she ever saw me sit still for long periods of time was when I was painting. I believe in the “spiritual in art” and that something bigger than us comes through us when we are painting or making things. Painting is something I never tire of and that I have enjoyed since I was five years old. I love photography and I love abstract painting. Everything in between (figurative painting, etc..) is not my match. Someday I will get to it but I am nearly 50 years in and still enjoy playing with color and paint and collage.

Justine Stamen Arrillaga is a fourth generation Californian who has been painting for over 40 years. She has studied at the Rhode Island School of Design, Brown University and the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Her work has appeared in several group and juried shows.