Interview with New ADI Artist, Sahba Shere, 6/5/17

Q: How long have you been painting?

A: From the age of 10 years old, I’ve been painting and drawing. Later in life I moved to Paris, France. This is where I learned and practiced sculpting and documentary photography. I traveled all over Europe and parts of the African continent documenting people and their places.

Q: Who are some of your greatest influences?

A: My parents are my greatest influence. My father was a math professor and writer. My mother is a prolific artist and musician. As far as artists, Rothko and James Turrell have greatly influenced and inspired my thoughts, work and creativity.

Q: Why painting rather than another medium?

A: I’ve always expressed my self in visual ways – through colors. The sense of sight and colors has such a deep impact to our senses.

Q: What are your favorite materials to work with?

A: Acrylic and ink paints

Q: Why do you like using acrylic more than oil or watercolor?

A: Acrylic has bold, strong colors reflecting the emotions of my work. I like that they are environmentally more friendly.

Q: Do you have a message in your work?

A: My recent work is all about nature…. the love of nature and how we need to take care of our precious planet.


Professional Artist Magazine & Art Dimensions Inc., 5/10/17


Read this excerpt about Art Dimensions Inc. in the February/March 2017 issue of Professional Artist magazine! Hope you find this interesting.


New Home Art Installation, 1/6/17

img_4646 img_5168 img_4645 fullsizerender-1 fullsizerender-copy

Check out these amazing installation pictures that were taken at a lovely home in Pacific Palisades, CA. Recently, we collaborated with friend and interior designer, Leslie Hunt Johnson of LLH Interiors, to place the works in her client’s home. These spectacular paintings are (from left to right):

“Skyfall” by Lori Dorn, “Leaves” by Dave Zarick, “New Smyrna Hwy” by Emily Van Horn, “Red Iron Portal” by Laddie John Dill and “Interdimension” by Kathe Madrigal.

Young Collector’s Club, 11/28/16

glacier-grey-detail l-a-skyline-ii paradisio36x28collagepaper stabilesienna

Today we are highlighting the following dynamic works of art all priced under $3,000.00.

  1. “Glacier Gray,” digital print by Seth Familian, 16 x 20 print size, $950.00 framed.
  2. “L.A. Skyline II,” giclee print by Ilana Bloch, 28 x 21 paper size, $1,000.00 framed.
  3. “Paradisio,” collage on archival paper by Melissa Wenke, 36 x 28, $1,750.00 framed.
  4. “Sienna,” inkjet print by Judy Stabile, 40 x 36, $3,000.00 framed.


Art for the Holidays! Why not gift that special someone a work of art for Christmas or Chanukah? This holiday season can be extra special for your friends and/or family when they receive a fabulous framed photograph, print or work on paper. Contact us to make all the arrangements:

Artist Interview: Marisa Murrow 11/16/16


Q: How long have you been painting?

A: Including college, 20 years of painting.

Q: What inspired you to get into the arts?

A: I was inspired by an exhibition of Amish quilts in San Francisco at the age of 12. When we exited the museum I proclaimed, “I want to be an artist.” I loved being enveloped in a whole new world of color, texture, and pattern through art.

Q: What was the first work of art you sold?

A: The first painting I sold was at the Rhode Island School of Design student sale. I actually sold a lot of work that day. It was a great feeling, not necessarily the money I received, rather watching people get excited by my work. I liked knowing that my work was going somewhere out in the world.

Q: Why painting rather than another medium?

A: I love to mix paint; the juicy colors, thick and thin, layering, blending, scraping, sanding across the surface. I have never had the patience to enjoy watercolors. Acrylics are fine to sketch and explore with… there is nothing better than oil paint.

Q: What are your favorite materials to work with?

A: My favorite materials to work with are: new paint brushes, oil paint, paper/photographs for collages, pens and fresh flowers.

Q: What is the philosophy behind your work?

A: The philosophy in this work: What is my/your definition of home? What is community? What is a valuable lifestyle?


Salon Viewing/Melissa Wenke, 9/13/16


Art Dimensions Inc. and Melissa Wenke are excited to present the ‘Fall Salon’ viewing series. The Los Angeles-based artist, Melissa Wenke invites you into her creative space to preview her new body of work, ‘Meditations in an Emergency.’ Guided by the “felt experience,” the artist taps into a matured part of her energy while maintaining her intuitive nature. “What drives me to paint has always been the process and the love of the medium, the way I’ve understood my relationship with these things has evolved over time and is expressed in these works. Like a consistent panic, there is a calm I’ve achieved in this work, without losing the beat. I’ve always looked to inspire energy. I’m excited to do this in a new, evolved way.”

Please join us for a preview, by appointment only. Contact

Ceramic Rabbits by Trine Churchill, 7/5/16

Moon pinkrabbit rabbit

I created the series of the ceramic rabbits thinking about individuality.

In a larger perspective we are all alike, made up of equal components: heart, stomach, brain, legs, arms, fingers and toes, skin, hair and teeth. We share this mold. What we do with it, and how we react to it, is all unique.

Likewise, the body of the rabbits are all made from the same mold. Then various glazes are added, and their ears are made individually to fit their unique personality.

I have over the years very much enjoyed watching people selecting “their” rabbit. Which rabbit fits your person? Or that of your friend’s? We connect with each other, and ourselves, on what at first seems to be by aesthetics, but our true connections go much further and deeper than that.

  • Trine Churchill

Email us at for pricing and more rabbit images.


Young Collector’s Club, 6/23/16

untitled#11,24x16 Barcelona Slant



Today we are highlighting these fabulous and affordable pieces including:

1. Untitled #11 by Ben Gordon, 24 x 16, acrylic on medium density fiberboard, $500

2. Barcelona Slant by Seth Familian, 16 x 20, digital print mounted on foam core, $750

3. The Slab by Adam Gordon, 16 x 20, digital print, $375 framed

4. Scotland by Mike Gordon, 16 x 20, digital print, $750 framed


All Your Home’s a Stage, 6/17/16

c 33 "Paradise Cove" 36x84 webRising scrap angel2,17x8x8,$1200Geisha1500

Oftentimes all it takes is a new piece of art to rejuvenate the feel of your home. With a bold colored painting you can create that exciting “pop” your white walls are needing. With sculpture, whether it be a tabletop piece or a free standing sculpture, your space can be transformed into a dynamic and sometimes playful environment, while black and white photography can provide a sophisticated and authentic look. Sometimes a new piece of art can create a whole new experience.

Are you a home seller? If so, why not let Art Dimensions Inc. assist you with your staging needs? In order to make your home more appealing to buyers, we can provide artwork to accent your home while complimenting your style and existing furnishings. Art Dimensions Inc. offers various media including painting, print, sculpture and drawing so there is plenty to choose from.

Most recently, Art Dimensions collaborated with Bella Casa Home Staging located in Sierra Madre, and provided six beautiful paintings for a home on the market in Arcadia. We worked closely with the stagers at Bella Casa to help choose appropriate and complimentary art for the home’s interior. That expedited the sale of the home.

Let us assist you with your next project. For more information, please give us a call:


The Perks of Art Leasing, 5/31/16

IMG_0730 IMG_0731 IMG_0727

If you are a fan of contemporary art but cannot afford the hefty prices, leasing through Art Dimensions Inc. may be your answer. Art Dimensions Inc. (ADI) is a Sherman Oaks based art leasing and sales business specializing in the rental of contemporary art with option to buy. We deal with various media including painting, print, sculpture and photography and work with more than eighty-five exceptional artists. Most ADI artists live in and around the Los Angeles area.

Why lease? Leasing art is a fabulous way to collect fine art by well-known and emerging artists at affordable prices. Leasing allows you to develop and tailor your own personal art style, by “test driving” different pieces before committing to a purchase. Whether you are leasing art for a personal or corporate space, it gives you the opportunity to “live with the art” before purchasing.

With the help of Art Dimensions Inc., you can rotate your artwork every few months to enhance your work environment, and businesses can write off their lease as a business expense. Want to provide an appealing environment for your clients and associates while deriving tax advantages? ADI can help you do just that!

We visit you and give you ideas of artwork that works well in your home or office. Let an ADI consultant help you in choosing artwork for your space. We also consult with interior designers who are decorating residential and commercial spaces. Art Dimensions Inc. offers leasing programs for one-day photo shoots, parties and special events.

How does Art Dimensions Inc. work?

  • Works in various media including painting, print, sculpture and photography available for lease/option or sale
  • Lease fee is 5% of retail price of artwork per month
  • 60% of lease fees applies towards the purchase of the art

Please call us with any questions and for more information on this fantastic opportunity to collect fine art at affordable prices.