Amadea Bailey

Amadea Bailey is a contemporary expressionist painter. Her work reads like poetry of the physical world, with painting acting, literally and metaphorically, as a bridge between mind and body, landscape and memory.  The paintings, though abstract, often have strong associations to places Amadea has lived. She grew up in Germany, Switzerland, Kenya, East Africa, and Colorado. She is a graduate of Yale University and continued her art training at the New York Studio School in Manhattan.  Amadea travels extensively and currently resides in Los Angeles.

In the artist’s own words: “I search for the image, and its proper place in the world around it. I allow words and images to appear, disappear, get buried, resurface. Words scrawled in black ink across a torn page. A pair of high heeled shoes, an hour glass, a hot air balloon. Two horses intertwined in a huge white field.  Sometimes this process happens magically, as if by accident. Sometimes it takes months of moving, playing, changing and editing before the total rhythm of the painting finds the resonance I seek, the moment of yes.”